Cisco C3K-PWR-1150WAC 1150W Hot Plug AC Power Supply for Catalyst 3750E/3650E-Brand New

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The Cisco C3K-PWR-1150WAC is a high-capacity 1150W AC power supply module designed to meet the power requirements of Cisco Catalyst 3650 and 2960-X series switches. This power supply unit is a dependable and efficient solution for ensuring continuous and high-performance operation of your network infrastructure. It is fully compatible with the Catalyst 3650 and 2960-X series, offering essential power redundancy and hot-swappable capabilities, which are crucial for minimizing downtime and optimizing network availability.

The C3K-PWR-1150WAC is engineered to support the power needs of modern network environments, showcasing Cisco's commitment to quality and innovation. With its robust power capacity and advanced features, this power supply is the ideal choice for maintaining the smooth and secure operation of your Cisco Catalyst 3650 and 2960-X series switches, even in demanding network deployments with higher power demands.


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