Micron 5210 ION MTFDDAK1T9QDE-2AV16ABYY 1.92TB 6Gb/s SATA QLC 2.5 inch x 7mm Enterprise SSD-Brand New

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BrandMicron MPNMTFDDAK1T9QDE-2AV16ABYY ConditionNew Manufacturer Warranty3 Years
  • Product Line: 5210 ION
  • Storage Capacity: 1.92TB
  • Interfaces: SATA 6Gb/s
  • Form Factor: 2.5 inch x 7mm
  • DWPD: 
  • Flash Memory Type: QLC
  • Sequential Reads: 540 Mb/s
  • Sequntial Writes: 260 Mb/s
  • 4kb Random Read: 70000 IOPS
  • 4kb Random Write: 13000 IOPS
  • MTBF: 

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    The Micron 5210 ION MTFDDAK1T9QDE-2AV16ABYY is a reliable and high-capacity 2.5-inch enterprise SSD, designed to excel in a variety of data storage applications. With an impressive storage capacity of 1.92TB, this SSD provides ample space for data-intensive tasks, making it well-suited for businesses and enterprises with substantial storage requirements.

    Featuring a 6Gb/s SATA interface, this SSD delivers efficient data transfer speeds and low latency, ensuring seamless performance for read-intensive and mixed-use applications. The Micron 5210 ION is built with QLC NAND flash memory, providing an optimal balance of performance, endurance, and cost-effectiveness.

    Its 2.5-inch form factor ensures compatibility with a wide range of computing systems, making it a versatile and adaptable storage solution. Additionally, the SSD is known for its reliability, making it a suitable choice for data center deployments and enterprise-level applications.

    In summary, the Micron 5210 ION MTFDDAK1T9QDE-2AV16ABYY is a dependable storage solution, catering to the needs of modern data storage requirements with its substantial capacity, efficient performance, and strong reliability, making it an ideal choice for data-driven business operations.


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