Samsung PM1735 MZPLJ3T2HBJR-00007 3.2TB PCIe 4.0x8 NVMe HHHL Enterprise SSD-Brand New

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BrandSamsung MPNMZPLJ3T2HBJR-00007 ConditionNew Manufacturer Warranty5 Years
  • Product Line: PM1735
  • Storage Capacity: 3.2TB
  • Interface Type: PCIe 4.0x8
  • Form Factor: HHHL (Half Height Half Length)
  • Sequential Read Speed: 8000 MB/s
  • Sequential Write Speed: 3800 MB/s
  • Random Read Speed: 1500K IOPS
  • Random Write Speed: 250K IOPS
  • DWPD: 3
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The Samsung PM1735 MZPLJ3T2HBJR-00007 enterprise solid-state drives, offering a robust 3.2TB storage capacity and utilizing PCIe 4.0x8 NVMe technology in a half-height half-length form factor, stand as the epitome of SSD performance in today's market. These drives have been expertly crafted to deliver outstanding speed and endurance while maintaining a cost-effective design. They are well-suited to manage a diverse range of data center workloads, including mixed read-write and general-purpose tasks, and they shine in terms of remarkable IOPS/watt and cost/IOPS ratios, making them a top choice for enterprise solutions.

The foundation of the Samsung PM1735 PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs lies in their utilization of 64-layer V-NAND machine learning technology, ensuring precise prediction and validation of cell characteristics and the detection of any circuit pattern variations. Additionally, these drives come equipped with advanced power-loss protection mechanisms to safeguard data integrity in the event of unexpected power disruptions.

What sets the PM1735 SSDs apart is the incorporation of Samsung's FIP (Fault-injection, power cut, and program disturbance) technology. This innovative feature ensures the continuous operation of these PM1735 SSDs even in the presence of chip-level errors. It not only identifies failing NAND cells but also executes data recovery and relocation processes without any detrimental impact on performance. In summary, the Samsung PM1735 SSDs set the industry standard for performance, reliability, and innovation in enterprise applications.


These PM1735 SSDs are known for its form factor, reliability and performance. Experience is just awesome, so far.
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