WD Red SA500 WDS100T1R0B 1TB 6Gb/s SATA III M.2 2280 NAS SSD-Brand New

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BrandWestern Digital MPNWDS100T1R0B ConditionNew Manufacturer Warranty5 Years
  • Product Line: Red SA500 NAS
  • Storage Capacity: 1 TB
  • Form Factor : M.2 2280
  • MTTF: Upto 2000000 Hours
  • Interface Type: SATA 6Gb/s
  • Sequential Read: Upto 560 Mb/s
  • Sequential Write: Upto 530 Mb/s
  • Random Read: Upto 95k IOPS
  • Random Write: Up To 85k IOPS
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The WD Red SA500 WDS100T1R0B M.2 is a high-performance solid-state drive (SSD) designed specifically for network-attached storage (NAS) systems, catering to users who require efficient data storage and retrieval in NAS environments.

With a generous storage capacity of 1TB, this M.2 SSD is perfect for enhancing the performance and capacity of NAS setups, making it an ideal choice for users with demanding data storage needs.

The WD Red SA500 M.2 SSD is characterized by its M.2 form factor, which ensures seamless compatibility with a wide range of NAS devices and motherboards that support M.2 drives. Its use of the SATA III interface facilitates quick and reliable data transfers, helping to reduce latency and improve overall system responsiveness.

This SSD is engineered to handle read-intensive workloads, a common feature of NAS environments, ensuring efficient data access and retrieval. By reducing read-related latency, it enhances the overall performance of the NAS system, making it an excellent investment for users seeking a more responsive and efficient data storage solution.

In addition to its performance benefits, the WD Red SA500 M.2 SSD is designed to operate quietly and coolly, which is essential for maintaining a stable and energy-efficient NAS system.

In summary, the WD Red SA500 WDS100T1R0B M.2 is a high-capacity, M.2-form-factor SSD designed for NAS applications. Its fast data transfer speeds, efficient performance, and energy-saving features make it an excellent choice for enhancing the capabilities of your NAS system and improving your data storage experience.


Perfectly working on my NAS system. No issues at all. highly recommended SSD for NAS.
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